Who is Accounts Online?

Accounts Online is a NZ based company, established by professional Accountants who want to share a new way to manage your accounts professionally - in a fraction of the time taken historically. Through friends telling friends Accounts Online have established a network of agents throughout the country working with businesses of all sizes to help them manage their accounts in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The founder is a Chartered Accountant and teacher and has extensive experience with international companies and small businesses.

Accounts Online strongly advocates clients maintain a close working relationship with their professional tax advisors. Accounts Online also provides in-house client training and support for many accounting firms. This results in a win-win for the client and their accountant. Armed with higher integrity data the accountant can now offer higher added value services. This eliminates the expensive situation of clients trying to prepare the books themselves, the bank reprocessing the same information every day and then your accountant's office re-keying your data from your bank statements at year end.

Accounts Online eliminates this wasteful and costly reprocessing!

How can Accounts Online help you?

Accounts Online offers simple, easy to use, accounting and bookkeeping solutions. We pull together a variety of solutions that add value and minimize time and resources required to do compliance accounting. After our personalized training and ongoing support in many cases you will complete your books, including GST, in 5 / 10 minutes per month! Our solutions are designed to provide the highest accuracy and you will be absolutely astonished with the time you will save! Our goal is to empower you as the business owners to be more in control of your business with a minimum of effort.

A growing number of businesses are not accepting being told once a year how their business has performed by their accountant. Now you can easily prepare reliable monthly information that will allow you and your accountant to more closely monitor the performance of your business.  Your accountant may even be able to use this information to calculate your current years provisional tax payments. If your accountant can use this information for this purpose it will certainly assist you with cash management.

Accounts Online provides more than just simple accounting solutions. It can also provide you with the skills to produce full accrual management accounts along with:


  Invoicing/Stock Control

  Accounts Payable/Creditors - CRED-it

  Job Costing




How Does Accounts Online work?

Accounts Online teaches you how to automatically download your financial information over the Internet daily from your bank account onto your desk!  In most cases your bank statement transactions are coded automatically which reduces data entry and reconciling, saving hours every month, and weeks every year. Just think what you can now do with all that extra time you used to spend reconciling accounts and entering financial data. Because you take your information straight from your bank(s) it is of the highest integrity and missing bank statements become a thing of the past.

With Accounts Online you also get reports and GST in a flash as well as loads of useful graphs. Reports can be automatically exported to Excel or opened through a Works spreadsheet.

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