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Some of the New Zealand team - Andrea Krsinic, Wayne Kevey, Wayne Campbell, Helen Bennett, Peter Leith and Leigh-Ann Powell

Wayne J Campbell, Director of Accounts Online Ltd New Zealand & Australia

Wayne Campbell Director Accounts OnlineWayne has over 30 years experience spanning a broad range of companies and Chartered Accountancy as a Chartered Accountant. He has worked with Rolls Royce, Southward Steel Mills (now owned by Atlas Steel), Price Waterhouse Coopers, Suzuki, various government contracts and tutored at a number of tertiary institutions.  Wayne’s areas of expertise include management, financial planning, importing/exporting, wholesaling/ retailing, distribution, information systems and E-commerce.  He has also spoken at a number of conferences and takes a particular interest in helping business owners prepare well in advance for the day when they need to sell their business.

His company, Accounts Online Ltd are specialists in online accounting systems.  They are a boutique firm of accountants that help business owners choose the best technology for their business.  Often accountants are so busy caring for the tax obligations of clients that little time is left to focus  on how to make life easier for the client. That’s where Accounts Online helps.  You could liken them to your travel agent who helps you on your business journey, whereas your traditional accountants are very much like your customs agent. Like customs agents your accountant makes sure you are fully compliant with the goods and services you’re trading in.  Accounts Online’s focus is making sure the journey along the way is smooth and you come home safely, when you finally want to sell your business.

Leigh-Ann Powell, Director of Accounts Online Australia, Qualified  Accountant,  Executive Associate

Leigh-Ann PowellLeigh-Ann has an unsurpassed passion and drive for helping customers simplify their accounting. Leigh-Ann epitomises the "people person" personality and thrives on building and sustaining excellent working relationships with her clients. Engaging, warm and friendly, her energy knows no bounds.  She is often likened to an 'Energiser EverReady battery' because of her sheer stamina, enthusiasm and joy for life.  She knows the accounting systems inside out and is able to impart her extensive knowledge with ease,  in simple easy to understand language pitched perfectly at her clients pace.  Her greatest pleasure is to empower others to take control of their own financial affairs and she is always delighted to train and guide others every step of the way until they are fully proficient and confident. Over the past 20 years Leigh-Ann has acquired impressive qualifications in Law, business and Accounting and is a certified Trainer for BankLink & Xero as well as being well versed in other accounting packages and front end point of sale systems.   


Helen Bennett, Office Manager


Helen BennettHelen provides that delightful voice on the end of the phone when you call our office in Wellington.  Helen joined Accounts Online after responding to an advertisement we published in one of our newsletters.  The advertisement asked if there was anyone out there who wanted to write their own job description. 

Helen being the person she is made an excellent job of describing her role and she cares for that role wonderfully. 

In addition to fulfilling her important responsibilities at Accounts Online, including caring for our wide network of delightful clients, Helen also takes loving care of her family, as well as studying for a commerce degree. She really gets us organised. 



Andrea Krisnic, Associate South Island

Andrea KrsinicAndrea has been self employed and around business’ for 20 years. The first 14 years was dedicated to owning 2 businesses in the hospitality industry.  Also during that time she spent 10 years as a senior lecturer at Cromwell Polytechnic in Catering and Hospitality, having trained, coached and supported over 180 people both as students and employees. Andrea’s responsibilities covered every aspect of running a small successful business from management, sales and marketing, human resources, financial, operations and planning.

Now an accredited Business Growth Specialist with 6 years in a coaches / consultants role Andrea has worked with many very satisfied SME clients in all the key areas of business. Analysing, planning and assisting Business Owners in creating rewarding results using proven and tested business systems.

"Working with the Accounts Online Management team, (who are qualified accountants specialising in simple accounting software solutions), has greatly helped me and my business to offer a wider range of services. "

Andrea’s area of Expertise
Full Business Diagnostics and Strategic Planning, creating a comfortable atmosphere for client and business growth.
Setting achievable goals to reach measurable outcomes.
Providing easy, practical and do-able strategies to cover all facets of business

Sylvie O'Donnell, Associate Wellington regionSylvie O'Donnell

Sylvie has many years experience in the banking industry leading, training and coaching sales teams.  This was followed by various management positions in private and corporate sectors where she was responsible for overseeing the business operations, strategic planning, IT & marketing, team building and financial management.  More recently Sylvie has formed her own company providing solutions for local business. Being so impressed with the Accounts Online services, she was very keen to become an Associate and enjoys the challenge and variety this role entails. Sylvie has a strong focus on excellent customer service and providing the best financial solutions for her clients. 

Wayne Kevey, Associate Auckland region

Wayne KeveyDirector of Business Wizards and Northbridge Solutions Ltd

Wayne was self employed for 22 years in dairy farm consultancy and farming, and dairy farm and kiwifruit orchard accounting, with an emphasis on financial management, budgeting and cash flows.
He has worked for Chartered Accountancy firms including Touche Ross & Co doing business and farm accounts, and worked on the helpdesk/support/analyst panel for a computer software company.
Wayne then owned an investigation and legal agency practice, gaining expertise in law, business research, contracts, business structures, business administration, management support services, asset protection and loan securities.
He is experienced at bookkeeping for companies, trusts, property investors, traders, rental property owners, incorporated societies and sports clubs, and began using the BankLink accounting system through Accounts Online Ltd in May 2009 for a number of entities and was so impressed with these systems he became an Associate, offering the systems to clients.
Wayne is on the Board of Directors for a number of companies and enjoys helping clients save time and money doing their accounts, and getting an up-to-date picture of their cash flows. In 2010 he and Karen Clark started a new business called the Business Wizards, which specialises in providing smarter, more efficient accounting solutions, in addition to effective legal tools and guides for compliance, risk management, asset protection and loan securities.

Linda Weight, Associate Auckland region

Linda WeightLinda is a dedicated Bookkeeper focused on the day to day administration of a large dairy & bull farming operation including kiwifruit orchards, rental properties & contract workers. With the fantastic cashbook system Accounts Online provides she has been able to streamline her business,  Bookkeeping Services , to produce up to date budgeting, cash flow reports and GST returns in a flash. Linda runs a successful Bed & Breakfast on an idyllic rural bush block centrally located to Auckland, Coromandel & Rotorua. She has been self employed for over 30 years & knows how important it is to always have bookkeeping up to date. Linda has a strong banking & customer service background and loves to show small business owners how to feel empowered & take control of their own businesses. Linda will always put her clients first and she can be relied upon to deliver. Using Accounts Online cashbook  gives one heaps of spare time to do the more important things in life.

Peter Leith

Peter Leith











Leigh-Ann Powell dancing with Neil McKenzie

Wayne Campbell, Leigh-Ann Powell and Neil MacKenzie

dancing with the stars Leigh-Ann and Neil

Star Power

Dancing with the stars, Wayne Campbell - Director of Accounts Online, Leigh-Ann Powell Associate and Neil MacKenzie photographer of Dancing with the Stars

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