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In my role as Treasurer of Hikurangi Rugby Club in Northland, I have used Accounts On line for the last twelve months. It is a brilliantly simple package that has saved me well over 15 hours a month in comparison to our previous accounts package. Accounts on line gives us a weekly automated return that I and our committee can understand. One click of the button and 99% of the work is done for you. You code your cheques or deposits when you write them, and the Accounts Online System automatically codes them to the right budget line. Instantly you can see your financial position, where it fits in comparison to budget and previous years. No waiting till the end of the month. No data entry. It all works from your bank statement. We saved a fortune on our audit costs at the end of the year, and our accountant was impressed with what we had achieved. I stress it is a painless, simple system and I cannot understand why more organisations are not using it. Pat Newman Treasurer Hikurangi Rugby Club, and Principal Hora Hora School

After years of struggling with the Accounts Requirements for running my Education Business, and having tried other programmes (that were far too detailed and complicated for my requirements) my accountant recommended I contact ACCOUNTS ONLINE to ascertain whether their Accounting Programme would allow me to streamline my accounting process and assist in reducing the numerous hours, I was spending on banking and compliance with GST; PAYE; and End of Year Financial Reports. Accounts Online now provides me with an excellent, manageable programme that considerably reduces the hours spent on accounts. I am so impressed that I have much more control of my finances. No longer, do I have to spend hours (and sometimes days) each time there is a deadline to comply with. By downloading and monitoring my banking and payments regularly (it only takes me about ½ hour maximum each week) I can be confidant that my accounts are in order, and when ‘returns’ and reports are due, I can simply print them out; send to the appropriate person /IRD etc and it’s DONE !! I am also delighted that this Accounts Online Programme allows me to simply email my End-of-Year Accounts to my accountant without needing to take boxes of documents to him to sort through to compile my Annual Balances and Tax requirements. I am sure my Accountant is extremely grateful also !! But by far the greatest benefit to me, since I started using ONLINE ACCOUNTS is that I now spend more time on the business I actually run – educating students. Everyone benefits. I am only of average Accounting ability, but this very simple to use and time efficient system has been a breakthrough for me. With the ongoing support (assistance and backup support that is ‘second to none’ is only an email or a phone call away), I am confidant that as my business grows, the hours I used to spend on accounts ( and chasing late payments) will not increase. I would thoroughly recommend ONLINE ACCOUNTS to anyone who would like to reduce the hours spent on accounts; who wants to minimise the costs of accounting and generally improve the way they do business. It has certainly changed the way I manage my business, in the last 3 years. Thank you ACCOUNTS ONLINE. I can’t imagine where I would be without your programme and support. Robyn Purdie, Kumon Supervisor, Kumon Lower Hutt & Johnsonville

Accounts Online saved my sanity and changed my life. As a school principal I had several support systems but when I became a Kip McGrath Principal I was literally on my own. Secretary, office manager responsible for monthly accounting, invoicing the core work as teacher-principal as well as trying to grow the business. The buck not only stopped with me but dropped on me! And then along came Leigh-Ann and Accounts Online. The teaching and support given was outstanding which enabled the chain of business successes to grow. I will never stop recommending Accounts Online” Margaret Hewitt, Kip McGrath

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