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IR developing SPFR (Special Purpose Financial Reporting) rules

We have some exciting news for you…
In September 2011, a cabinet decision was made to simplify financial reporting for businesses. The impact of this decision is that the majority of New Zealand companies will no longer have to prepare financial statements that comply with International Financial Reporting Standards. Whew, what a relief?

When’s this happening?  It kicks off on the 1 April 2014, impacting on your 31 March 2015 annual accounts.

Has your accountant informed you yet? Probably not.  This was mentioned at a recent tax seminar, that the days of your accountant simply providing your annual accounts are over.

Why is this important?
You have the opportunity to learn how to prepare your annual accounts yourself to a standard that satisfies the Inland Revenue.

What does that mean for you?  Serious potential cost savings!

Is that of interest to you? If yes, please send us your contact details through this link – Click Here and in the subject line type: SPFR.

Bartercard membership valued at $1500 to give away

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Financial Reporting for businesses - Accounting Standards are changing

Financial reporting has been a costly and messy business for many business owners in the past. Times are changing in NZ from #1April2014 . If your turnover is less than#30million dollars per year and the assets you own cost you less than #60million dollars (and don't ask us how they came up with those figures!!) you are in to #Win  Find out more from Accounts Online Limited Plus there might be other ways we can help

What can I claim?

Tax - what can I claim?

Apart from a few exceptions, any costs you incur to run the business will be tax deductible.  Read more...

Simple Business Plan

Successful marathon runners will tell you it is far easier to conquer the 42.2k's if you break the race down into smaller segments.  Running a business is much the same.  This is particularly the case if you are thinking of preparing a business plan for your business.  Read more...

Living a life of purpose and fulfillment

Perhaps you run a business of your own. For years, you’ve been working impossible hours, neglecting family, friends, and the activities you really enjoy.
Read an excerpt from Values‐Driven Business:  How to Change the World, Make Money, and Have Fun. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2006. Copyright © 2006 by Mal Warwick and Ben Cohen. All rights reserved.

Serviced Suite Solutions

Services Suite Solutions

Would you like a professional office environment (including all the facilities of a large organisation) without the associated start-up costs or overheads? We can help!
Business Suites offers modern, fully-serviced suites to operate your business. Our air-conditioned premises offer great security, excellent natural light, harbour views (from some suites) and plenty of parking. See more.....

Get going with myIR GST

The IRD have changed the communication method for clients who have been using BankLink's GST link to file their GST returns. This means that BankLink clients need to register with myIR before Friday the 28th June 2013 (if GST return based on March cut-off). Click here to print off the instructions.

Expense Deductibility

A quick reminder on expense deductibility
Thinking Outside the Box

A senior citizen lived all alone..

To Show that I Care

When I am trying to connect with you, it's not about me - it's all about you.

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Tax Assessment Article

Another Professional Trustee in court. Read the article about a recent Court decision about liability of Professional Trustess.

Facebook delves deeper into your Credit Card

Read this interesting blog by Dene MacKenzie... 

3 time saving Strategies that many Accountants do not want you to know

Make sure your Accountant is more than your bookkeeper, your business is groomed for sale and you are taking advantage of time saving software. Read more....

Venus Group 6 minutes of fame

Leigh-Ann is delighted to give a 6 minute presentation on the KISS principle to her Venus club peers.

Opportunity to discover Gold

What would it mean to your business if we could save you serious Dollars and Time on your accounting and administration costs , plus an opportunity to discover some gold?  To find out how Read more...

Selling personal items on Trade

If you sell a personal item on Trade-me there are no tax implications for you. But if you have got into the habit of buying items with the intent of selling them for a profit, then you must declare the income and the costs associated with those deals and pay tax on the gain (profit).  Example: If you buy an item for $40 and on-sell it for $100, then you must pay tax on the $60.  If you also paid for the postage (say $10), then you can deduct that from the $60.  The simple  arithmetic looks like this: $100-$40-$10=$50 
The $50 you must share with the tax man in your annual tax return.  Don’t get caught out as the IRD will eventually catch you and then you will have find tax plus the penalties for not declaring it earlier.

iBizz BankLink launch 

BankLink and Acclipse collaborate together to launch iBizz

Tax Calendar

Here is a handy calendar to remind you of your tax due dates in 2012 and 2013.

Here is a fabulous offer to help other businesses, plus build your business and earn some travel vouchers….. Read more

There's a better way....

Accounts on line are proudly supporting Glen Green, the founder of There's a better way.

There’s a Better Way is about working together as one people with one combined resource, in building positive, improved communities. Its about inspiring one another in finding better ways of working together. Its about not allowing unlawful and anti-community behaviour to sneak into our homes & families.

Glen is keen to keep our Youth off the streets, and is trying to raise $1200 per week to cover staffing and vehicle costs, so if you would like to donate, please email Glen

Get yourself a coffee, relax and read the article 'There's a better way' by Wayne Campbell.

Our Gift to Clubs, Charities, Not for Profit Organisations and Schools ....

Find how your club or Not for Profit organisation can save on accounting and auditing fees.

Don't pay any subscriptions or setup and training until 1st April 2012 as we are giving you a holiday on us!

To find out what accounting solutions best suit your business needs (as one size does not fit all). Please contact an Accounts Online specialist to learn more.

In 2012 BankLink is creating a whole new world which combines the best of online cloud with traditional desktop solutions and gives you the best of both worlds.

BankLink clients will have even greater simplicity and flexibility by enabling:

* Enhanced connectivity and collaboration
* Improved communication and exchange of information
* Data synching in real time
* New and enhanced online and desktop solutions
* Increased efficiencies and productivity

Plus the new BankLink Wages Solution which works online and on the desktop.

2011 Thank YOU Video for Clients

The IRD is on the war path!
Don’t get in the road!

The Inland Revenue has just announced what they plan to spend their time and attention on in 2011/2012. They call this their “compliance focus”. Here are some of the hot topics they will be particularly interested in. Forewarned is forearmed.

  •  Diversion of personal income
  •  Complex financing arrangements
  •  Loss generation and usage
  •  Misuse of charities
  •  Offshore and international issues
  •  Identity protection
  •  False information and fraudulent claims
  •  The hidden economy
  •  Record keeping
  •  Serious crime and cross-border transactions
  •  Income from property
  •  Resident withholding tax rates advised to Banks, etc.
  •  Non-resident contractors

It is interesting to note the Inland Revenue has already started and investigated 650 hospitality operations with more to follow.

For full details please click on this Link

Keep in line with the team at Accounts Online

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Cloud Computing what is all the Fuss about”, written by Microsoft NZ SMB Sales Marketing Manager Jared Pedersen.


Your accounting fees too high?

Buddy a business in Christchurch

Read more about What Accounts Online and UPrise are doing to help businesses in Christchuch and are urging businesses to come in offer their services

Tony Robbins & Frank Kern - How to Grow your Business video

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GST 105 Adjustment Calculator

Get the GST wrong on Thursday night and you pay, either way

Checking for the right GST rate - normal sales

Checking for the right GST rate - Hire equipment

Checking for the right GST rate - periodic services

GST changes effective 1st October 2010

Print this GST Calculator for easy calculation of your GST

Single ID for firms

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GST Increase and Daily Downloads of BankLink

The one secret of all top sales performers

Further cash tightening for schools

Spend More time enjoying life

Is financial reporting becoming an issue for our schools?

Accounting Heaven

Accounts Online saves you time

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